In a nutshell


“Every ending is a new beginning”.
When I left my job of 10 years quite unexpectedly, I couldn’t have imagined the path my life would take, the people I would meet or the lessons I would learn. Contemplating where I would be in 3 months was a daunting prospect, let alone 12.
Throughout this time, I set myself challenges and goals, which took me down various paths opening my eyes to new possibilities.
This unforeseen period has brought its ups and downs. Still, I am grateful for every new experience and the personal development it has brought about.


Fast Forward

Fast-forward 3 years and I can’t believe how quickly it has gone, or how much I have done. From completing a Counselling course at Macclesfield College, a Coordinator Training course run by my local mental health charity: Changes Health and Wellbeing to support their services, to working with a great local autistic charity, Lifeworks helping them setup not-for-profit services with Google Workspace and connecting them to a marketing company to create their new website pro bono. I have been very fortunate to have these opportunities and the space to learn more than just a few things.

Full Circle

So here I’ve come full circle and life has brought me back to web design. As luck or my life would have it, I was made aware of my local Chamber of Commerce where I, fortunately, made the first cohort for a new Programme, Boosting Women in Business. I’m in the early stages of my new business, supported by a few customers, and now friends, stronger for it, and growing a little wiser, ready to take on whatever comes my way.

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